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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

movies: bad education, long engagement, unfortunate events

Bad Education was amazingly good. It's a suspense story-in-story film set in Spain starring transexuals and fags, which sounds like exactly the sort of thing i don't really go* for but i can't remember when i've been so involved in a plot. Riveting. I loved the way that your conception of the central character of the film slowly adapts and shifts many times over the course. You should really see it.

* i loathe Hedwig, eg.

The Very Long Engagement was okay but far from good. I'd rather see Amelie (sp?) again i think, which neither dilutes cuteness with war horrorography nor war horrorography with cuteness. That actress needs a new character - enough with the getting a box of treasures and delivering them to their rightful owners!

A Series of Unfortunate Events was okay but coulda been a lot better. Sarah hated it. I wish they'd only included one or two of the books rather than three. Carey's acting i think was my favorite part. I felt there was some dissonance between the sets and the characters - the sets were done in the over-the-top, almost cartoony style which i think is appropriate, but the characters seemed not to notice. ce la.


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