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Monday, July 25, 2005


Am a bit at loose ends bibliographically just now.

Am currently reading:
Tom Sawyer
Life on the Mississippi
The Martian Chronicles
Harry Potter 6
A new book of short horror stories which i can't recall the name of
Inifnite Jest.

It's a long list.
Books on the list which i've currently lost: Sawyer, Mississippi, Chronicles.

The most exciting for me is the short horror,
primarily because it contained a China Meiville short about Feral Streets of london, alleyways which ooze in & out of existence where previously there was an unbroken row of houses. It was really well-writ. So i may be looking in to his full novels.


  • You may have also lost the book of short horror stories (with China Mieville in it) because I returned it to the bookstore. I bought and brought you Perdido St. Station by Mieville but Mykle stole it and is now REreading it, gleefully hurting my bookseller feelings.
    Jesus, that tequila was strong. WIll I get anything done tonight???????

    By Blogger The Sensualist, at 8:21 PM  

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