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Friday, October 07, 2005

infinite list of unknown words

so this time thru infinit jest,
i've been keeping in the back a list of words which i don't know but think i should. This is different than just words i don't know, note.
For example, antipyretic or anxiolytic (p. 984) are words i don't know, but i don't really feel like it's my business to know them. but fulvous and erumpant and cathected (p.'s 93, 155, 654) are different stories. i feel like i Should know those words.

So. What follows is the list.

To forestall a possible slew of dictionary.com links,
if you feel like enlightening me on any of these words,
by all means do, excpt that i'm not really interested in what d.com has to say, or wikipedia or any other online source. what i really value in learning the definition of a word is hearsay. first-hand accounts, so to speak. and plus as my friend jennifer informed me, dictionaries are not always right.
(i've gone ahead and linked each one to google images tho)

note a few of these are words i "know" but he used them in ways unfamiliar to me.

also at the bottom is a small list of other lists of unknown words from IJ.


the Infinite Jest list of words from i don't know but should,
in order of discovery:
(i don't know why there's this big gap here)

wenp. 4
kekuleanp. 5
lapidary1p. 7
presbyopticp. 11
espadrillep. 15
martinetp. 15
(hypo)phalangialp. 16
etiologyp. 17
odalisquep. 988
stelliformp. 1058
activallyp. 1058
pedentivep. 91
amaneunsisp. 92
fulvousp. 93
semionp. 101
acutancep. 102
agnatep. 151, 382
praxisp. 155
erumpantp. 155
sub-rosap. 220
caliopsisp. 241
apotropaicp. 243
jonquilp. 258
revenantp. 260
concupisciencep. 992
argotp. 268
sedulouslyp. 271, 287
nictatedp. 272
egregulousp. 272
lordoticp. 1003
strabismicp. 290, 291, 905
ascaparticp. 290
apicalp. 290
attarp. 290
aditp. 291
ephebep. 292
ibidp. 1021
xerophagep. 1006
solecismp. 1006
Anschlussp. 311, 777
bradys-p. 313 (later defined on p. 1022)
nativity2p. 314
codicilp. 315
à-Clefp. 316
grisep. 332
venulatedp. 362
vulgatep. 1026
selvagep. 366
Q.v.p. 985
cunctationp. 368
etiologyp. 370
prolixp. 370
adiposep. 383
jejunep. 385
maffickingp. 429
picricp. 456
morendop. 461
misprisionp. 465
teratoidp. 486
dihedralp. 495
cerisep. 513
ambitp. 1037
psoria-ticp. 582
anomicp. 586
adantep. 586
prandialp. 634
distaffp. 1046
cathectedp. 654
mucoidalp. 657
anacliticp. 1048, 695
aspicp. 1050
furcatedp. 1051
fictilep. 694
catexicp. 707
katexiap. 751
parturientp. 789
cerisep. 790
liebstodp. 863
strabysmicp. 905 (vs strabismic, p. 291)
sinciputp. 950
finialp. 950
seragliop. 952
antigen3p. 965

1. "Director of Composition: 'I made in my assessment [of a paper] deliberate use of lapidary and effete.'"

2. ".. because it was in fact not Mario's real eyelid - that had been sacrificed when [his] fist stuck to his face like a tongue to cold metal had been peeled away, at nativity - but...".
it must somehow mean birth.

3. "A certain number of hysterical pre-competition rumors about the Québec Jr. Team and the severity of the weather circulated and were refuted and shifted antigens and returned."

Other people's lists of unknown words:

Oh look, an index to the whole book - how handy!


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