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Monday, November 14, 2005

quick update

finished Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. It was pretty good. Actually it was almost great, but i got a slightly bored about two-thirds thru. But pretty good. I got it from Kai, who lurves it.

It's basically a story of Victorian crime, lesbianism, and mostly deception, deception, deception. We also watched Tipping the Velvet, also by Waters, and i think judging from the movie that Fingersmith is a better book than Velvet, as it has a broader range. Broader dynamic range, i'm going to say, even tho it means nil.

Skimmed thru parts of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World with Michelle, and we both decided it's not worth reading. Too obscufatorally loquacious. (-ially ?) My bottom line for fiction is that if it's not enjoyable to read, don't read it.

Am still reading Staggolee Shot Billy and it's still pretty interesting.

I think i'm about to re-read DFW's Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, because i recall loving it. I think i recall loving it in Oslo. In a park in Oslo ?

Found a brand-new copy of O'Reilly's Mac OS X in a Nutshell on Haight Street. So it's up-for-grabs if anybody can use it. It looks like a guide to the unix-aspects of OS X.


Most notably, caught Serenity before it left the theaters and i think this is one the best Science Fiction movies i've seen since Alien. It.. it takes it's Sci-Fi semi-seriously, which so few movies do. Most 'science-fiction' movies are just action movies set in the future. Anyhow. Quality stuff. I think tho i have to recommend watching the Firefly series before the movie which follows it.

Chicken Little was fun, but less fun than i was hoping.

Wallace & Grommet : The bunny movie, see Chicken Little above.

Me and You and Everyone We Know - wow. weird and good. i think. yes. weird and good. i recommend it. i think.
today i just snagged myself a ))<>(( t-shirt, so i'm stoked. i think.