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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Koba the Dread

Jennifer gave me a copy of Martin Amis's Koba the Dread.
It's difficult to even begin. It's a history of the death in russia which came about thru Stalin and also Lenin. I'm almost halfway thru and pretty much want to read it constantly.

The following is stolen from here.
Amis opens the book by quoting from Robert Conquest's book, THE HARVEST OF SORROW, which details the Stalinist era: 'We may perhaps put this in perspective in the present case by saying that in the actions here recorded about 20 lives were lost for, not every word, but every letter, in this book.' Amis then tells us: 'That sentence represents 3,040 lives. The book is 411 pages long.'
Rob has also told me that Baudolino is not Eco's best, and barely worth reading. Which is good news for me, because i was thinking maybe i was a freak. So i may try The Name of the Rose.

i'll be silkscreening patches etc of this.
lemme know if you want one.


  • Those are really cool. Where are those figures coming from?

    May I be the first to ask for one through your blog?

    By Blogger Robert Tomoguchi, at 9:57 AM  

  • the stats are from here:

    there're a lot of different death tolls to choose from there, some higher some lower, so i just went with what the site went with.

    i'll send you some of whatever i end up making,
    i'm fooling with a few designs.

    By Blogger good old o, at 12:40 PM  

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