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Monday, October 24, 2005

this blog has moved to http://orionreads.elenzil.com

this blog has moved to http://elenzil.com/orionreads

.. which getting the old location (http://orionreads.blogspot.com)
to redirect to the new location was a bit tricky:

1. set the publishing location back to blogspot.
(this did not work for me at first, but i waited a
day or two and tried again and it was fine)

2. edit the template so that the line
looks like
<body onLoad="document.location='http://elenzil.com/orionreads';">
if your <body> line isn't EXACTLY "<body>",
don't follow these directions. find someone helpful.

3. republish the blog
- this will cause the old location to forward to the new,
but you're not done yet.

4. set the blog back to publishing at the new site (http://elenzil.com/orionreads)
- this may trigger a republishing.
if so, the template gets pushed to the new site,
which means the new site forwards to the new site in an infinite loop!
oh no! the space-time thingy is in peril!

5. re-edit the template to back how it was.
that is, change <body onLoad="document.location='http://elenzil.com/orionreads';">
back to just plain old <body>.

6. in blogger control panel thingy under publishing,
specify an archive location!
without this, i wasn't getting any archives.

6. republish one last time.

you heard it here, folks.


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